Your story is your strongest asset.
Use it well.

We tell & transform the stories of startups, solopreneurs & thought leaders

Share your story

Your Transformation is At Hand

Strategy building

Strategic Message

Tell stories & establish authority

Audience Building

Audience Building

Speak so the right people listen

Force Multiplier

Force Multiplier

Expand what you’re capable of

Developing business ideas

Your business is an idea.

It’s not a spreadsheet, a mailing list, or an inventory.

For entrepreneurs, executives and enterprises, success hangs on one thing.

Telling your story well. A story that’s confused, convoluted or inconsistent will fade into irrelevance.‍

A story that’s crisp, clear and crafted to its audience will ring true, and break through.

Our Services
Here’s what DSSI can do for you

We get to the heart of your story, and we share it where it matters. We bring out the reasons that you’re special.And then we tell the people who need to know.

Here’s How:
We DESIGN your strategic narrative & bring focus to your story
- We PLAN out how to tell your story, and where to make it heard
- We EXECUTE – through top-tier content creation & management

Strategic Storyboard

Strategic Storyboard

Designing your Story

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Executive Ghostwriting

Executive Ghostwriting

In your own Voice

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LinkedIn Mastery

LinkedIn Mastery

Optimize & Strategize

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Brand Development

Brand Development

Content that builds Character

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Website Refresh

Website Refresh

Auditing & Copywriting

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Email Newsletter

Email Newsletter

Content that gets Clicks

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(Hi, nice to meet you!)

We are a small-but-mighty Canadian content marketing collective.

We specialize in storytelling, content creation, and strategic narrative.‍

Our fearless leader is Geoff Davies.‍

Geoff is a journalist by training, and at heart. ‍

This mindset is at the root of what we do.‍

We believe in making content that’s worth creating.

Authentic, informed, valuable, and story-driven.


Clear. Consistent. Compelling.

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Authenticity is Sexy

Content that Starts with You

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Stay on Target

Custom-made Story Strategies

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Cut the Fluff

Contains: Meaning, Delight & Value

Why Hire Us?

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Thought Leadership

Building personal brands for industry leaders wanting to stand out

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Brand Development

Digital content that builds trust, awareness, and engaged audiences

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Content Strategy

Strategic narrative & story systems to give your marketing purpose

Content creation icon

Content Creation

Socials, blogs, features, websites, email marketing, pitch decks & more

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Made-to-Fit Offerings

Fractional, ongoing, one-and-done, or custom-made service packages

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Ping pong & silly prices. That ain’t us. We’re entrepreneurs too.

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Entrepreneurs are our ‘Why’
They make the world go round

Entrepreneurs come in many shapes.

They’re innovators and industry leaders.‍

They’re dreamers and doers and get-it-done’ers.‍

They lead startups, small shops, or intrapreneurial teams.‍

Or often they’re all on their own.‍

But they have an outsized impact.‍

They see what’s missing.‍

They assess what could be better.‍

The world is full of holes and cracks.

Entrepreneurs choose to be the glue.

How do we get started?
This is the approach we take

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We sit down with you, do our homework, and get to know your industry and your story.

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Whether it’s done-with-you or done-for-you, you’re never left out. You’re always in control & never in the dark.

Strategy building


We listen to your needs and assess what steps to take. We design a strategy and a story framework for you.

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We create a roadmap for your content journey, get your input on it, and make a plan for your story pipeline.

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We get it done.

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There’s always lessons to be had. Whether it’s one-and-done or ongoing, we start and end with Understanding.